Application of the Finite State Machine Method to Determine the End of the Story Based on User Choice in Multiple Role Playing Games

Dwi Astuti, Ahmad Fauzi Anggi Ariesta Kusuma, Firdiyan Syah


The development of games in Indonesia is fast enough to make games as part of life that is difficult to separate from the life of modern society as a means of delivering information that is more interactive, or also as an alternative means of entertainment for young people to adults. Interest in the game penetrated all circles of society. Even now there are e-sports where games are one of the most popular and promising brain sports contingents for users. Dynamic or non-monotonous game genres that can determine the end of the story according to the user's choice are interesting things to discuss. Therefore, the researcher raises the issue of how to determine the ending of a game using the finite state machine method which is applied to role playing games. The results of this study are that there are 3 chapters in which there are 27 combinations of variables from the 3 choices of items provided.

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