Documentary Film Creation “Impact of Kanta River Water Pollution on Conditions Social Economic Citizens Around The Estuary of Drainage”

Wiji Luluk Agustina, Vici Tiara Anjarsari


The Kanta River flows in Pujon District and Ngantang District. This river water is used for irrigation, livestock sanitation, and the main source of water for hydropower plants and tourist water sources of the Selorejo Reservoir. The high role of this river water is apparently not realized so that residents use the Sunga Kanta watershed as a place to dispose of garbage and sewage. The current water condition of the Kanta River is quite poor and the settlement around the Selorejo Reservoir as a drainage estuary is the most affected area. The author responds to this water pollution problem in a film with the title "The Impact of Canta River Water Pollution on the Socioeconomic Conditions of Residents Around the Drainage Estuary". The documentary genre is an option because according to the character of this film, which presents facts according to reality, it is actually considered capable of accommodating the message of the film. The film narrative is prepared based on research data that has been analyzed descriptively and obtained by three data collection methods which include observation, literature study, and interviews. Films are shown publicly so that the message of the film can be widely accepted by citizens. In the end, this documentary is expected to be able to give birth to awareness to jointly maintain the water ecosystem, especially rivers.

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