Product Packaging Design "Mamam Roti" in Purwodadi, Central Java

Vici Tiara Anjarsari


Mamam Roti's food business product from Purwodadi, Central Java Province, which was initiated in 2018 considers that packaging is not a priority in increasing product sales, but only focuses on the quality of the taste of the bread. The purpose of this design is to design product packaging from Mamam Roti, as an effort to build a brand and product identity that is able to display an image to consumers, especially to competitors, so that it becomes a special attraction when the product is sold in the people of Purwodadi City. The design is carried out using qualitative research methods by conducting observations, interviews, documentation and literature studies. The data is then analyzed using SWOT analysis for products and Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to analyze packaging. This Mamam Roti product packaging design concept displays a simple and elegant design impression, namely by displaying visuals that do not use many illustrations or images, only [p1] with flat vector shapes that highlight the Mamam Roti logo visually. In the visual packaging there is text in the form of Instagram social media information. The use of red, peach, and white colors with a bright and clean impression is shown in the Mamam Roti packaging design.

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